This class is a chocolate lover's dream come true! We will make two grand desserts, each made up of several different components that create a dessert that is better than the sum of its parts.  We will make one verrine dessert – the kind you can make and serve in pretty glasses – as well as a classic French Opéra – the layered coffee and butter cream cake that will never go out of style.

You will learn a number of techniques: creme diplomat, mousse, genoise (classic French sponge), caramel, joconde, silky buttercream, ganache and glazing.

  1. Praline Verrine
    – Crème diplomat
    – Chocolate mousse
    – Chocolate genoise
    – Praline feuilletine
    – Caramelised hazelnuts
  2. Classic French Opéra
    – Almond joconde
    – Coffee syrup
    – Buttercream
    – Dark chocolate ganache
    – Opéra glaze

You will be provided with detailed recipe notes. This class lasts about 4 hours. 


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