Creative Pastry (Spring ’16)


These elaborate recipes are made up of multiple sub-recipes that come together to form a harmonious dessert.

1. Sweet Pleasure (Plaisir Sucré)

Sweet Pleasure is a mash up of one of my favourite Cordon Bleu recipes and Pierre Herme’s Plaisir Sucre. It celebrates the lovely pairing of milk chocolate and hazelnuts and it’s a textural delight.

i. Dacquoise
ii. Milk chocolate praline feuilletine
iii. Chocolate hazelnut ganache
iv. Caramel
v. Milk chocolate Chantilly

2. Passion

Class participants always joke that I must always have a passionfruit recipe in my class. This inclusion continues the tradition. Sour passion fruit with sweet milk chocolate is addictive, you’ll see.

i. Chocolate brownie base
ii. Chocolate and passion chantilly
iii. Passion fruit mousse
iv. Chocolate glaze

Techniques you will learn: mousse, mirror glaze (glaçage), dacquoise, ganache, liquid caramel, chocolate based Chantilly.