Dessert in a Jar


In this class, we will create three different classical French desserts, layering them beautifully in jars. Strawberries and Cream, St Honoré and Chocolate and Cherry. I can’t decide which one’s my favourite!

1. Strawberries & Cream (Fraisier)

i. White chocolate Chantilly
ii. Pistachio sponge
iii. Strawberries
iv. Light crème pâtissière

2. St. Honoré

i. Caramel
ii. Vanilla Chantilly
iii. Crème pâtissière
iv. Choux

3. Chocolate and Cherry (Forêt Noir)

i. Chocolate meringue sponge
ii. Chocolate crémeux
iii. Vanilla Chantilly
iv. Cherry compote

Techniques you will learn: sponge, crème pâtissiere, pate à choux, liquid caramel, crèmeux, fruit compote, meringue sponge.