Posh Pastry (Fall ’16)


These layered pastries are the coming together of different textures and complementary flavours that work beautifully together – definitely one to showcase your highest baking skills. One’s fruity and the other’s chocolatey. You will learn to make 10 different layers across 2 desserts, besides multiple techniques including glaze, mousse, meringue and my favourite, dacquoise.

1. Pamplemousse

i. Grapefruit and orange segments in ginger syrup / caramelised with cinnamon sugar
ii. Vanilla yogurt cheesecake
iii. Vanilla glaze
iv. Ginger biscuit
v. Grapefruit meringue
vi. Ginger confit

2. Chocolat

i. Pecan cocoa dacquoise
ii. Chocolate mousse
iii. Salted caramel ganache
iv. Mirror glaze
v. Pecan nougatine

Techniques you will learn: pâte a bombe mousse, transparent glaze, mirror glaze, meringue, confit, caramel, light mousse, dacquoise, nougatine