Posh Pastry (Spring ’16)


These pastries are a bit more elaborate, achieving a balance of flavours and textures in a spoonful of dessert. And as it so happens, these recipes are all eggless. I am not one for substituting eggs with other ingredients just to make things eggless. Instead, I’d rather make recipes that don’t depend on eggs, celebrating all the other ingredients.

1. Pommier

Pommier is a layered dessert of caramelised apples and caramel mousse sitting atop a sort of brown sugar shortbread. This is covered in a shiny caramel glaze and some pecan crumble, with honeycomb scattered for crunch.

i. Brown sugar breton
ii. Caramel mousse
iii. Apple compote
iv. Mirror glaze (glaçage)
v. Pecan crumble

2. Le Snickers

Le Snickers is a posh version of its namesake – caramel mousse, caramel sauce, caramelised peanuts sitting atop a chocolate and peanut biscuit base.

i. Chocolate and peanut sable
ii. Caramel mousse
iii. Caramel sauce
iv. Caramelised peanuts
v. Chocolate ganache

Techniques you will learn: mousse, compote, mirror glaze (glaçage), crumble, honeycomb, sablage, liquid caramel, caramelising nuts, ganache.