French Fancies


These pastries are elaborate yet so easy to make, achieving a balance of flavours and textures in a spoonful of dessert. Le Noisetier is packed with flavours of chocolate and toasted hazelnut and comes covered in a special Rocher glaze that makes it a really posh version of a Ferrero Rocher, while the vanilla and chocolate dessert is packed with modern techniques and several incredible layers.

1. Le Noisetier

  • Cocoa chiffon sponge
  • Dark chocolate mousse
  • Milk chocolate and hazelnut cremeux
  • Rocher glaze
  • Praline Chantilly

2. Vanilla, pecan and chocolate

  • Butter sablé (butter cookies)
  • Reconstituted sablé with feuilletine
  • Almond praline
  • Ladyfinger biscuit
  • Pecan sablé garnish (sugar coated pecans)
  • Vanilla mascarpone mousse
  • Mirror glaze

Techniques learned: chiffon sponge, cremeux, mousse, Rocher glaze, mirror glaze, candied nuts, ladyfinger cake, praline, sablé, reconstituted sablé.

This class will last approximately 3.5 hours.

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